#girlpoems By Nakada Wilson and guests #bookreview Reprise. 

  • Publisher: Amazon
  • Release Date: April twenty-fifth 2016
  • Average Rating: 4.0/5 🌟


I have read this book many times. It’s a great collection Nakada Wilson has put together, with guests Alyssa Matuchniak, Josslyn Rae Turner, Andriana Xenophontos, Erin Van Handel, Geremij, Lira, Ashley Mock, Alisha Kendall, Ally Mare, A.D, and Ed Luna. 

I can not help but think of the Lana Del Rey song This is what makes us Girls as I read these poems of drink, drugs, love, self-harm, school, femininity, confidence, and beauty. The first nineteen poems are written by Nakada Wilson. These are edgy, and ironic. With lines about vodka, inhaling weed, with ‘body tight, morals loose,’ shades of lipstick, and a honeysuckle scent. I think for me the stand out poems are Nokia Talk about a relationship with an older man, ‘SMS wasn’t an option –

parents pay phone bill,’

And Sullen Secrets as a school day ends, students rush out from the school building, and one girl compliments another, ‘I like your skirt’ she whispers

As the fabric raises slightly high

It reveals sad undertones

Thin laceration lines

She’s not fooling anyone,’

Of the remaining poems Erin Van Handel has a total of three, each with their own merits. The Girl in the Mirror by Josslyn Rae Turner, and Breaking Mirrors by Alisha Kendall are poems about fragile self-esteem.

Written from the heart, Girl poems is a book that shows the vulnerabilities of being female, as well as our strengths. 


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