@Ellipsiszine ONE My Review

Before reading my review of One, here’s some information about the zine: 

This issue contains 57 piece of flash fiction. 10 pieces have been previously published online at http://www.ellipsiszine.com and the remaining 47 pieces have been written in response to the prompt word, ‘one’.

All authors are listed on the dedicated page on our website: http://www.ellipsiszine.com/one/ Links to purchases copies will go live in the coming weeks.
Purchase prices for digital copies are £3 and printed copies are £5. Any author who has submitted to our website, whether published or not, will be entitled to a 10% discount.
25% of the cover price is also set aside for author royalties. This is shared equally among all published authors. We’re proud that we’re paying authors for their work.

 My Review
The best flash fiction, I believe, is poetic, with precise execution of its words, and not skimping on the ending. The stories compiled in this zine have their quiet moments, written are our complex relationships with friends, families, and ourselves, as well as action filled narratives, such as in Active Shooter by Kathy Lanzarotti. There are a variety of subjects: murder, haircuts, visits to Gran, pub quizzes, birds, birth, power, and friendship. Favourites, in Yard Sale Nick Black tells us a story in a few sentences. One Carriage Away by Amanda Quinn you could interpret in one or two ways. Cell for One by Daminait Monaghan is on a prison guard of grief, and Sainsbury Sorrow by Louise Mangos is as perfect as a story can be. Halt, Desist, Cease by Gaynor Jones could do with a trigger warning, as it has a graphic description of rape. 

If you wanted examples of how a story ought to be written successfully, such as Dog by Jason Jackson in One, Ellipsis zine One will serve you well. 


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