The Sunday Spotlight, from @PoetTrandahl to @gemmasnowauthor

A big thank you to the following writers for contributing to The Sunday Spotlight this year, which begun on June the twenty-fourth with poet Nicholas Trandahl.

I don’t know about you, but I have learnt a lot from the responses the writers gave, and now know more about the person behind the super writing.
Do support these wonderful writers, and click on the writer’s name to go to their Spotlight post.

Nicholas Trandahl 


Book Available on Amazon




Linda M Crate


Her book of poetry My Wings were made to Fly is available on Amazon



Jess Mize

Book Available on Amazon 



Barnaby Hazen 

Book Available on Amazon



Jud Widing 

Book Available on Amazon



Nathaniel Barber

Book Available on Amazon



Rosie Accola 

Available (to read for free!) from Ghost City Press



Elaine McKay 

Book Available from Amazon



Steven Storrie


Book Available from Amazon 


Michael Ampersant 



Book Available from Amazon 


Elizabeth Hutchinson Bernard


Book Available from Amazon 



Marc D Brown 

Book Available from Amazon, Marc has two poetry collections on sale.


Caroline Webber


Book Available from Amazon 


Dane Cobain


Dane has a number of books available on Amazon. He has written thrillers, horror, and poetry. Driven is his latest book.



John Connor


John’s non-fiction read is available on Amazon 


Ethan Shantie

His book can be purchased from the publisher Ghost City Press 


Pat Furstenberg


Patricia had written many books for children, available from Amazon 


Isabelle Kenyon

This is Not a Spectacle can be purchased from Amazon 


Cooper Wilhelm

You can buy Cooper’s book at Amazon 


Gemma Snow

And Lovin’ is Easy can be purchased at Amazon 


Would you, and your book, like to be in the Spotlight in the new year? If so, give me a shout through social media.


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