#minireview Moon full of Moons. Kat Lehmann @songsofkat


Publisher: 29 Trees Press

Release Date: February eighteenth 2015

Average Rating: 5/5 🌟




Outdoor persons, and deep-thinkers will enjoy this book of poetry, in which is the minuit of our natural world. A breath of fresh air, as if sinking into the serene calm we feel when stood on the beach, with the sea lapping at our feet, and having left the concrete jungles behind. While many of the poems are observational, others are opinions of the writer, and matters of the heart are written about, as well as the moon, family, rebuilding, the earth, trees, and age.

 “It is the move behind existing that starts living” 

My highlights are Poems Peach and House for Sale. 

The circle of life all in one volume, Moon Full of Moons is an enjoyable read and my review just doesn’t do it justice.



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