#bookreview ​The Haiku Zoo. Mark Watson @marknpablo 

  • Publisher: Mark Watson Books
  • Release Date: August Second 2017
  • Average Rating: 3.3/5 🌟


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My star sign is Leo, so this children’s book intriqued me. It begins with an explanation of What is a Haiku? An easy to follow passage. The pictures are bright, and captivating, with the haiku focusing on the features, the movements, and bathroom routine of a lion in a zoo (The Haiku Zoo). I would say that the book doesn’t follow a story line, and there are certain pages, like with the circus lion tamer, that don’t seem to create a cohesive storyline. The Haiku Zoo is a good introduction for children to the haiku. 


    A poem. 

    Because it’s February everybody seems to be talking about love, and Valentine’s day. I don’t really believe in it all, because you should be showering love on yourself, your best friend, your girlfriend, whoever, at every opportunity, never mind the month. Regardless of that this month I will be sharing more of my love poems. My new book Tear Stained Pages contains poetry with the nostalgia of a past love, and I have a collection of love poetry La La Love, both available from Amazon if you wanted to read more on the subject. 

    Here’s a poem. Enjoy.