#bookreview There is Beauty in the Bleeding. Christina Hart. @ChristinaKHart

  • Publisher: Amazon
  • Release Date: October thirty-first 2017
  • Average Rating: 4.4/5 🌟
  • 147 Pages

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I was not sure what to expect when opening this book, as I had heard of Hart, but not actually read one of her books, so a first for me! I would like to thank the author for gifting me with an ARC copy to review. 

While the narrator writes of heartbreak, there are poems that I feel may have been written at a later date, which gives some perspective, and context too. We don’t read so much about the relationship during, but in the aftermath of its ending. These are poems of emotions, and the barest of details, such as music choices, and sweaters, which leaves the reader to form our own thoughts. More intriguing, and telling, is in poem Drowning in Someone, ‘using your name like a lifeboat as a just-in-case I don’t feel like drowning in someone else,’

It will Come for you too, Tell me, One Truth, I will tell You , What Love Isn’t are poems where we read the narrator becoming hardened, and they can be quite brutal in their truths. There’s a tussle then of poems disbelieving such a relationship with a solid trust can be broken, with the narrator obviously conflicted. While you might expect a ‘happy ending‘ Hart pulls no punches. I would have thought poems We Get up, and Come up Swinging finished the book, but Hart really hits her stride. I loved the poems Trying to get by, on Sadness, on the Edge of Sanity, trying to be Okay, But your Guts are Prettier, Used-Air, and Broken Heart. Hart has a knack for using the word fuck in her writing, not sounding at all obscene, and adding to the power of her words. 

While poems, and books, seem to get shorter these days Hart’s book goes from strength to strength, with heartbreak at its core, and is an empowering testament to regrowth, and healing. 

There is Beauty in the Bleeding is a superb read, and if you haven’t picked up a poetry book since school, I think this one you should make the first, as it has relatable emotions, and is a well presented, well written, collection of poetry that would make any bookshelf look good.




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