Happy New Year 🎉

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Hello, friends. A happy new year to you all!  

I ended 2017 by reading this book, which has been on my radar and I just hadn’t gotten round to reading it, and I read it all in one sitting.  I am now eager to read the other books in the series. 


The Sunday Spotlight, from @PoetTrandahl to @gemmasnowauthor

A big thank you to the following writers for contributing to The Sunday Spotlight this year, which begun on June the twenty-fourth with poet Nicholas Trandahl.

I don’t know about you, but I have learnt a lot from the responses the writers gave, and now know more about the person behind the super writing.
Do support these wonderful writers, and click on the writer’s name to go to their Spotlight post.

Nicholas Trandahl 


Book Available on Amazon




Linda M Crate


Her book of poetry My Wings were made to Fly is available on Amazon



Jess Mize

Book Available on Amazon 



Barnaby Hazen 

Book Available on Amazon



Jud Widing 

Book Available on Amazon



Nathaniel Barber

Book Available on Amazon



Rosie Accola 

Available (to read for free!) from Ghost City Press



Elaine McKay 

Book Available from Amazon



Steven Storrie


Book Available from Amazon 


Michael Ampersant 



Book Available from Amazon 


Elizabeth Hutchinson Bernard


Book Available from Amazon 



Marc D Brown 

Book Available from Amazon, Marc has two poetry collections on sale.


Caroline Webber


Book Available from Amazon 


Dane Cobain


Dane has a number of books available on Amazon. He has written thrillers, horror, and poetry. Driven is his latest book.



John Connor


John’s non-fiction read is available on Amazon 


Ethan Shantie

His book can be purchased from the publisher Ghost City Press 


Pat Furstenberg


Patricia had written many books for children, available from Amazon 


Isabelle Kenyon

This is Not a Spectacle can be purchased from Amazon 


Cooper Wilhelm

You can buy Cooper’s book at Amazon 


Gemma Snow

And Lovin’ is Easy can be purchased at Amazon 


Would you, and your book, like to be in the Spotlight in the new year? If so, give me a shout through social media.

​#MiniReview @WeArtFriends Doorway to Art founding editor – @Galya Varna 

​WeArtFriends Doorway to Art founding editor – Galya Varna 

Design Director – Eden Sleepwalker

Cover Photograph – Efosini Kokaliari , PHD

This is a stylish magazine, which in its first issue features the poetry of poets, interviews with novelists, and the artwork of Lynne Fisher. I knew of Isabelle Kenyon, and Nicholas Trandahl, vaguely had been aware of Mike Wells, and Joss Sheldon, and discovered new writers, such as Bianca Bowers, and Frankie Writez in this issue.

This was a real poetic experience for me, and I enjoyed the interviews, as well as the format and presentation. Doorway to Art is perfect for a before bed read. 
Download this magazine for free, and subscribe to stay in the loop with the next issue, from their website.  


#FlashSale My #Poetry #Chapbook Here comes the Sun is Currently available as a free Download.

Review by the editor of The Peeking Cat Poetry magazine Sam Rose, “If  winter  isn’t  your  favourite  season,  you  might  like this  collection  as  an  escape  to  somewhere  brighter. Dreaming  of  holidays,  finding  cut  grass  in  unusual places,  navigating  a  bustling  airport,  trying  to understand  foreign  languages  â€“  it’s  all  here.  As  Katie  explains  in  one  of  the poems,  â€śI  Capture  an  Image  with  My  Pen”,  her  writing  is  all  about  capturing small  moments  and  preserving  them.  Every  poem  is  a  scene,  and  many  of  them may feel  familiar.  I  particularly  enjoyed  the  longer,  train-of-thought  style  kind of  prose  poem,  â€śWi-Fi”.  The  book  also  transitions  gently  from  summer  to impending  autumn  and  a  contemplation  of  all  seasons  as  it  comes  to  an  end  â€“ which  should  ease  you  back  into  the  realities  of  winter  before  you  put  it  down.”

Read Here comes the Sun for yourself at Payhip.com 

#MiniReview #Zine Classroom Graffiti Jordan Lewington. 

It made me smile reading Jordan’s zine. His inspiration, as noted at the start, as a school cleaner at night, and freelance photographer by day, while cleaning the tables Jordan noticed the ‘poetic intensions left scribbled on anything that’s blank,’ He photographed these, and put them together into this zine, which is certainly an inventive idea, and I loved the poetic musings of bored students, such as one in blue ink, ‘I need some milk,’ 

Jordan’s selling his zine for one pound fifty, with postage dependent on area, and a PDF for fifty pence.

Jordan is a fantastic photographer, and can provide prints of any of his wonderful photographs, as well as portfolio shots, family shoots, live events, and product photography. 

He also works with Daisy Chain Films, who is a freelance videographer, and together they produce incredible videos. 

Jordan Lewington is contactable through Instagram

Help Spread the Word of my #FlashSale Here comes the Sun: #Travel #Poetry written by Katie Lewington.

Download link 

Review by Elizabeth Hutchinson Bernard, author of The Beauty Doctor, 

“I love the concept of travel poetry, and Katie Lewington takes the reader on such an amazing journey! The simple things become special, and everything viewed through her eyes becomes touchingly wonderful or funny. I just love her blunt honesty. Reading her work makes me want to try writing poetry again! Would make a great gift for a friend.”

The Poetry Hub Fiction Book Picks of 2017 which include @SE_BownsFiction @Imogen_Keeper & @danecobain

Historical Fiction

A Still Small Voice by John Reed.

The Beauty Doctor by Elizabeth Hutchinson Bernard.

Surviving Childhood  by Caroline Webber.

Kith and Kin by Sophie Bowns.


Summer Haikus by S.J. Pajonas.

It had to be you by Melissa Kate.

Defensive Mindset by Wendy Temple.

Sci-Fi / Erotica 

The Bonding by Imogen Keeper.

Also Sci-Fi / no Erotica 

The Cardboard Spaceship by Matt Snee and Gregg Chirlin.

And to further complicate genre matters

Erotica / no Sci-Fi 

Highland Pursuits by Emmanuelle De Maupassant.

Humour/ Fantasy / Romance 

Dating An Alien Pop Star by Kendra Saunders.

Children’s / Young Adult / Coming of age 

The Dynomike series by Frankie B. Rabbit.

Grandma’s Face tells her Story by Elaine McKay.

Jorie and the Magic Stones by A.H.Richardson.

Cheesus was Here by J.C.Davis.

North by Amanda Linehan.

The year of Uh by Jud Widing.

The Existence of Pity by Jeannie Zokan.


In the Labyrinth of Binge Eating by Hilda Dulin Lee.

The Body Image Blueprint by Jenny Eden Berk.

The Straitjacket of Perfectionism by John Connor.

Social Paranoia by Dane Cobain.


Ellipsis Zine One

So … many ignoramuses believe a threesome would be a wonderful tonic to a stale relationship. And these two books give you some idea to the emotional complications, and didn’t fall into using the mĂ©nage Ă  trois trope as a means to spice up a story, because that happens. The two books are:

Degrees of Separation series Boxset by Allyson Young & Lydia Michaels.

It could Happen by Mia Kerick.

And Surprise Favourite Mouthwatering by L.P. Maxa.


And those are my picks for 2017! Have you read any of these books, do you plan to?