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Beautifully presented poetry, with illustrations, and plays in form, which I love to be inspired by, on thoughts on parties, scrolling, relationships, train rides, and fruits with inedible skins. ‘It seems I only miss you when I’m ovulating -according to this period app,’ 

Written in the intimate style of a journal, this is a gem. 

And the good news? You can download this book for free from Ghost City Press. All donations go directly to the writer. Here’s the link. Happy reading!


Book Review. When Cars Touch. Alexis Bates. 

When Cars Touch begins innocuously enough with poem We Strike Violently (Against one Another) and then we come to a poem titled A Poem about Fingering, which uses a buzzing bee hive as a metaphor. Throughout When Cars Touch writer Alexis Bates continues to use metaphors, with concrete imagery to illustrate her points. These include tying strings around your teeth, cathedrals, flowers, oysters, & gallerys. 

The poems follow a narrative of a broken relationship. Some talk outwardly, others to somebody. 

“you are not broken

just deconstructed

you will rebuild.” 

When Cars Touch is a memorable little book. Published by Ghost City Press as part of their summer chapbook series, available as a free download, with the option to donate.

The Lonely is another wonderful chapbook by Alexis Bates, published by Luminous Press

She is on Twitter @thewriterbates 


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