​I am writing this whilst listening to Danny Kelly on TalkSport Radio. It’s been a great day for football – Stoke showed their mettle playing against Manchester United, Spurs trounced Everton, Chelsea have, thankfully, started playing like the champs they are, & Edison got booted in the face defending the Manchester City goal. Personally if any of those massive players came thundering towards me I would turn & run for my life before I got flattened!

The Reader’s Handbook has had a busy week, & it hasn’t ended yet. The Sunday Spotlight features Elizabeth Hutchinson Bernard tomorrow. She has written an excellent historical suspense novel in the Beauty Doctor. Earlier this week we had poetry, reviews of books by Jess Mize & Steven Storrie, submission calls, writing prompts, & a wonderful poem by Lisa Stice. Next week we’ll have more of the same: poetry, writing prompts, and reviews, as well as some music & footie talk, & we’ll be celebrating Roald Dahl day too. 

My books are all free at one place or another.

Porn Shots, La La Love, & Starve are free on Amazon

Here comes the Sun: Travel poetry written by Katie Lewington & Popcorn are free on Storenvy 

Put me Down, I’m Terrible is free on Gumroad

So if you’re looking for humour, & poetry consider downloading one.

http://amzn.to/2 // http://klpoetry.storenvy. // https://gumroad.com/l/put-me-down

I want to finish by drawing your attention to a website Occulum, which publishes some rather strange writing. Poet Dean Rhetoric had poems published on there recently, so consider taking a look if you aren’t familiar with the website & the poet. 



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