Chapbook. Popcorn. Katie Lewington.  


If not, you may well be by the time you have finished reading this food themed chapbook, written by Katie Lewington.

The witty poetry on mould, snotty noses, sell by dates, and food shopping is accompanied by full colour food pictures.

Chapbook Popcorn is available at as a free download.

Story. Yes, Sir.  Katie Lewington. 

His cock flopped in-between the gap of his thighs and then bobbed back up to her.

I’ve a story published in the new Pink Litter issue, titled Yes, Sir. Read it here 

And my first collection of erotic poetry and prose is available on  as a free download for a few days. 

Mark Binmore | NOW READING. Book review.

An intriging read, some short and smart, others longer with passion and grip.!now-reading/r8xfr

A review by Mark Binmore for my ebook Just: A sign of the times. This you can purchase here.