17 Very Funny Very Short Stories: Volume 1: FunnyInFiveHundred.com Flash Fiction Collection. 

FunnyInFiveHundred.com strives to be the funniest, silliest literary website around. We publish funny flash fiction in under 500 words, and our writers deliver!

We’ve been around for more than a year now. More than five hundred submissions later, this first issue showcases 17 stories that received the most praise on our website. These authors did not let genre or convention hold them back. Expect to laugh at a story about zombies, then laugh at a story about mysterious goats, and then never guess what’s coming next.

Authors in this volume include: Clyde Always, Winnie Khaw, Steve Sibra, Robert L. Martin, Ariela Zucker, Severely Odd, Aubrey Bjork, Riss Ryker, Joe Portes, Aubrey Bjork, Riss Ryker, Joe Portes, Elizabeth Byron, Tyson Abaroa, Ellen J. Perry, Joe Novarra, Katie Lewington, Jon Penfold, Linda M. Crate, and Christopher Gonzalez.

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Extract and Review. Porn Shots. Katie Lewington. 

Amount of sex 5 / 5
How explicit 4 / 5
BDSM/Fetish 2 / 5
Overall: 3.5 / 5

Behind Closed Doors reviewed my book Porn Shots. 

You can read the review here

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Flash Fiction Friday. Concern. Katie Lewington. 

My sister and I rarely communicate.
This was only going to be bad news.

It took me three days to call my sister, who had text me twice to say please ring me. She had left a voicemai message I had not wanted to hear. 

Our mum had been in hospital and was recovering at home. 

My sister and I rarely communicate. 

This was only going to be bad news.