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​Spill your Guts Horror Zine

Light poetry magazine

Light Verse since 1992,’funny, well-crafted verse,’ are what they are looking for. 

The Temz Review 

Poetry, fiction, and reviews needed for issue two. Get in your submission before January the eighth. They pay.

Ellipsis zine


Following the first Ellipsis ZineOne‘ submissions for ‘Two‘ are now open until January the fifth. Fiction and nonfiction. The theme is ‘two, too, or to‘ You can also ignore this prompt.

Ink in Thirds

Are back! Prose, poetry, and photography needed. ‘Make us feel something,’ Simultaneous submissions are welcome. 

Peach Mgzn 

Poetry, prose, and visual art needed. The deadline is December thirty- first

Selcouth Station

is the dream of Hayley Jenkins. This is a free chapbook competition for poetry (ten pages), and short stories (2000-6000 words) The deadline is January first

These are all some of my very favourite places, so they come highly recommended! If you have any questions about sending your writing out, ask, and I will try my best with an answer. 
Editors if you have a submission call of writing for your magazine, or zine, and would like to be included in my next Submission Calls post, let me know through social media. 


#submissioncalls @salomè_lit @badponymag & others 📝

  • ​Yes Poetry

#NotTrump & #MeToo are two such themes Yes Poetry are looking for writing on, as well as fiction, poetry, and reviews outside of those themes too. They prefer the writing to be previously unpublished.


  • Bad Pony magazine

Accept submissions on a rolling basis of fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and art.



  • Ink Sweat and Tears

A poetry and prose ezine, the writing Ink, Sweat, and Tears publish is always of a high quality. They don’t accept simultaneous submissions.


  • The Paragon Journal

May eighteenth 2018 is the deadline for The Paragon Journal Anthology on travel. They need fiction, art (photographs, paintings etc.) nonfiction, and poetry.


  • Haikuniverse

For you who write Haiku’s, Haikuniverse sends subscribers a haiku (or micropoem) daily. It’s free to subscribe and submit.


  • Salomè lit

This probably best sums up what Salomè lit is about, “Salomé was born, like all good things, by a group of pissed off women” They accept writing from anybody identifying as female, they pay for your writing and need your fiction, poetry, flash fiction, and nonfiction.


Good luck writers. Keep on writing & don’t let the rejections get you down. It’s all part of being a writer.

If you are the editor of a new anthology, lit mag, website, or zine and would like to be added to the next #Submissioncalls give us a shout through Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.


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#submissioncalls @thegingercollect @buttonpoetry & more!

Here we go again! Some new Submission Calls and a few contests too for you to get your writing published.

LitMag wants your fiction, nonfiction, & poetry for their website, & print journal. They pay & accept simultaneous submissions too. They also have a Virginia Woolf Award for short fiction contest, which ends December 15th. This has an $20 entry fee & first prize winner gets $3.500, publication, & agency review. https://litmag.com

The Button Poetry poetry chapbook contest begins November 15th, with a $15 entry fee. The winner will receive publication, 50 free author copies, & a $500 honorarium. https://buttonpoetry.com

Tendernessyea are accepting chapbooks, from writers not yet having published a full length book, until Thanksgiving. https://www.tendernessyea.com/work/

Winamop.com are one of my favorite places, accepting year round, your poetry, fiction, art, and stories. So too are The Ginger Collect, unpublished fiction, essays, & poetry. Simultaneous submissions are OK too. 



Where is the River: A Poetry Equipment is a new space for your writing that needs your poetry.


Lemon Star mag is a very new space for your writing & needs your help in getting it going! They want young and teen writers to submit poetry, nonfiction, and fiction.


Poet Isabelle Kenyon wants your mental health themed poetry for an anthology that will raise money for the charity MIND. 


Good luck writers. Keep on writing & don’t let the rejections get you down. It’s all part of being a writer. Trust me.

If you are the editor of a new anthology, lit mag, website, or zine and would like to be added to the next #Submissioncalls give us a shout through Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. 


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Poetry Competitions, Submission Calls, & New Releases.

​My Twitter has been filled with some wonderful new releases recently, and for those of you who don’t follow me there here’s a rundown because holiday season is approaching and books make great gifts!


Christina Hart There is Beauty in the Bleeding

“There will be days when you 

completely fall a p a r t 

and that’s okay. 

There will be days where 

your ribs feel like blades. 

Let them cut you. 

There is beauty in the bleeding. 

There is hope in the healing. 

Christina Hart, bestselling author of Empty Hotel Rooms Meant for Us and Letting Go Is an Acquired Taste, releases her first full-length poetry collection.
Warning: This book contains sensitive content depicting sex, violence, abuse, drugs, and addiction.”

Also available on KU Amazon 

Christina is also the author of these two titles.

The Transgender Manifesto Ian Thomas Malone 

“Do you know who you are?

What lies beneath the surface?

Ever get the feeling that something

Deep down wasn’t quite right?
I did.
Who are you to tell me otherwise?

The birthers, who think your external

Shell defines your whole identity, while

Pointing to the sky to show us the answers.
We’re out and we’re here to stay.

Deal with it.”

Also available on KU Amazon

Ian is an excellent writer, one of my favorites. Her sense of humour is right in tune with my own as well.


I wanna be petty // I will be great published by Ghost City press Written by Jeremy Boyd.

“Every time I look at the title of Jeremy Boyd’s new chapbook, I Wanna Be Petty // I Will Be Great, I see “pretty” instead of “petty.” Maybe it’s because these poems are pretty. But not conventionally so. He writes candidly but carefully, shining quiet wisdom & rhythmic imagery on intimate thoughts & “mundane” subject matter. This poetry takes risks though, & the end of the chapbook feels like a crescendo as the last poem, after a series of brief punchy poems, explodes into long form about the topics Boyd seems most concerned with: fragmented identity, relationship dynamics, political & ethical life in the modern world, & the bewildering question of What is Art.”

— Matthew Sherling, author of bring me my absolute surrender”

Pre-order link 

Hotel Hart Meredith Miller 

“On the 15th of August, Hotel Hart is full. Its ten rooms are taken by ten different couples, each with their own problems, philosophies, and lives. Join the guests of Hotel Hart for one night, but keep your eyes focused on the young man in the green button-up tunic.

This is not a book of romance, not really. It is a book of life.”

This one is released in December. I’ve read some great reviews for it so far! You can add it to your reading list here on Goodreads 


Isabelle Kenyon is looking for poetry on mental health for a book to raise money for Mind. You can find the details on her blog 

Her book is also on sale. 0.99 for the Kindle edition of THIS IS NOT A SPECTACLE


Into the Void poetry competition, begins November 1st and ends December 31st, and is judged by M.Wright. Unpublished poetry only. Details here


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Hey, folks


friends ? 

Friends, I have put together some more lit journals, websites, zines, etc. for you, if you are in the habit of sending your writing out like I do. There’s some great new places emerging, publishing writing from voices that would be otherwise unheard.

  • ​Former Cactus:

Flash fiction, prose poetry and art. Their first issue can now be read as well.


  • Goats Milk Magazine:

Through to December 15th prose, poetry, art and photography is needed to fill their first Winter issue. 


  • Paper and Ink Zine:

With a deadline of November 5th, Paper and Ink Zine are putting together a women only issue and are accepting poetry, stories, flash fiction and photography.


  • Riggwelter Press:

Short fiction, visual art, and experimental cross-genre writing for issue #4.


  • Dream Pop Press:

Publishes quarterly and needs your poetry, prose and visual art. 


  • Spider Mirror:

Wants your poetry, flash fiction, visual art, audio/videos, reviews, interviews, and editorials.


  • The Hunger Journal:

Wants your visceral writing, and with the hunger theme giving you plenty to go on. They accept fiction, poetry, nonfiction, hybrid/experimental, and art/photography.


  • Occulum:

Poetry and prose accepted year round. 



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Book Review. Short Story Pro Market 2017. TC Michael @AuthorTCMichael


TC Michael was born an raised in small town USA where he grew up with a large family. He’s always been an epic daydreamer with a wild imagination. He currently lives in northern Utah where he’s working on his next great novel and enjoying life. When he’s not writing, he’s hanging out with family, reading, or enjoying the outdoors. TC has wanted to be an author his whole life, but never thought it would happen. Now, he is working hard on making his dream come true.

Author Website


Amazon.co.uk Amazon.com

My Review 

While there may be thousands of journals, websites, and magazines for you to send your short stories to, Michael has narrowed these down to a hundred and fifty in his book, which is split into the various genres you would expect: children’s, humour, romance, etc. Guidelines are taken from the sources of these journals, websites, and magazines. These include if they are open for submissions, response times, rights and so on. Many of these also pay a token amount for short stories.

A well put together, and organised, book, which I think many writers are going to find useful, Michael has included too a history of the short story.

Writers if you’re looking for success this book will be essential, so polish up those stories, and get submitting! I wish you the best of luck. 


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If, like me, you are in the habit of submitting your writing to magazines, & journals, then you’ll know the process inside out. I want to share with you some of my favourite places to read new writing, as well as some of the recent submission calls that have caught my eye. 

      • After the Pause take poetry & stories. They’re into experimental pieces too. So if you’ve got something a little left field After the Pause might be the home for it. https://afterthepause.com

      • The Madras Mag, finally, accept poetry, non-fiction, book reviews, & stories.http://madrasmag.in

      So these are a few places you can send your writing to. I hopoe this post has been of some use. 

      Where are some of your favourite places to read new voices? Have you had anything accepted recently? 


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