#breakthecycle a person to soak up all the hurt and anger and tears and to listen.

I think we all need a ‘sponge’ at certain times in our lives, a person who listens. 


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SAD #breakthecycle

I know around this time of year many of us get bogged down with SAD. If anything I know it passes, but that doesn’t stop this time of year being arduous.


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&just think

this time 

before you mess up

do you really want 

to be doing this 


with hardly any 

of the same 


left to you open?

i am planning –

it feels like 

a line in the sand 

building up a picture –


doing away with 



it is about time

go happen to something

let it be afraid. 


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she will rise 

because she has 

done this 

often enough 
it is time to be free

to gaze directly at 

the horizon 

&not at her feet

to wipe the spit 

from the cracked lining 

of her lips 

to slap away 

his sweaty grip.


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This one comes with a Trigger Warning. #breakthecycle Prose. Outsider. 

Dry wood floor and a climbing wall. A store cupboard with crates of basketballs and team bibs. The benches being scraped back as the class individuals sit.

One girl apart from the rest. Her arms crossed over healing wrists. Her pocket bulges because of a concealed packet of sweets.

Joggers and a blue -green t shirt, stitched on the school logo. Trainers muddy from last week’s lesson outside. 

The whistle blows and the class has begun.

Teacher approaches girl as described and squats where she sits.

Points to the bruise on the girls arm, ‘How did you get this?’

The girl remembers, blinks solemnly from her fringe. 

She had been frustrated and hurt, in distress. It had been late at night and she hadn’t been able to sleep. She had torn at her arm using her teeth and clenched.

‘I hit it on the door,’ she responds to her teacher.

‘Oh, nasty door,’


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Today’s #breakthecycle comes with a Trigger Warning. 


it started as a curiosity-

a knife laying sideways in the kitchen draw with the forks and spoons

aged 13 and struggling with the changes happening to my body –

picking up the knife and sliding my finger over the blade

bringing it to my bedroom and feeling the butterflies in my tummy flutter –

the tip of the knife scratching across my skin and by the turn of my hand –

a dribble of gnawing red

and growing pain –

eclipsing the melancholy i had been feeling previously-

a means of quieting the insecurities that i had.


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Don’t hold yourself back

you are sexy

yet don’t believe it –

who has not told you are beautiful

often & never enough times?
i am sorry for that
but i do not lie
you are everything to me
least of all your looks –
the fire you light inside
i thought you were confident

i have seen you command the attention of a whole room

a charm you have used, abuses

you must be aware of its affect
and that is because

of who you are
don’t doubt it
i have been blessed to witness

actually you do doubt yourself

& are insecure
in some of the ways i am too
instead of terrifying me

this results in me

loving you all the more

throw down the mask
i realise there are no superior beings
every one of us

has the slightest collapse

in ourselves
and that doesn’t stop us from living

& loving
let it stop us.


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Poem. #breakthecycle. TW. 

i cannot help

but feel disturbed

when i see a selfie of somebody

with fresh cuts on their flesh

and a 😀

like hey kids cut yourself

because that is so fucking cool

it isn’t, it really is not

and don’t call it masochism

you are hating yourself, you pressed a sharp point

and tried to rid yourself of the hatred

and then planted the seed in the head of somebody as


as you are

i find in you there is always something to love

i know

and it isn’t pretty


not at all beneficial for your well being

don’t give in to the demons

that is what they want

they don’t want you to heal

they fucking hate you

they are the peer pressure friend who told you

to smoke the funny smelling cigarette

but you are stronger

we cannot all

be lovely and sometimes

we are hard, sour and gritty

but let us not pretend that is romantic

like you are one of a dying, dead breed

it is ok to play safe

and sometimes destruct


rage against the self

but don’t post it and treat it as if

it is something we should all

be trying

trying again



harm is harm and


we should all practise

less of it. 


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