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The Blank Page

Fully immerse yourself in the writers life – greeting the blank page, the doubts, censorship, challenges, bad feedback, and further down the line, what will my legacy be?
The free-verse, and experimental, poetry on living, loving, and writing asks other questions, such as will my writing ever pay the bills? What if the muse buggers off? And what would Beat writer Jack Kerouac have made of #poetsofinstagram? 
Katie Lewington is offering you a personal experience, with vulnerability and heart on the page.
The Blank Page hopes to inspire, and entertain.

Nectar: five poems to make you smile and boggle your mind.

Poetry is my nectar. I have been writing it for six years, and enjoy reading it just as much (although I didn’t for my English GCSE!) Reading poetry I enjoy writers who play with form, and I like social commentary in poetry, as much as I do the haiku, the found poem, and the silly rhyme.
Bruce Kilarski is one of the humorist poets to have influenced me, and I love the rhymes in one of my favorite books, Alice in Wonderland.
Nectar marrs both social commentary, and humour, in the five poems in this micro-chapbook that were first published in Jotters United Zine and Selcouth Station.