Katie Lewington 

OK. I’m about to toot my own horn.

I have been published in a few literary magazines and anthologies.  I have met some lovely people too. You can find my poetry and stories in After the Pause journal, Message in a Bottle poetry magazine, a copy of the New Ulster,  Potluck magazine, Ghost City Review, Sicklit Magazine, Sea Foam magazine,  Inbetween Hangovers,  Your one Phone Call, Horror Sleaze Trash,  and Red Booth Review,  among others.
I have a collection of poetry,  Just: A Sign of the Times available on Amazon.com and Porn Shots is my first erotic collection.


I’m proud of my writing.  I even love the scrappy poems (the ugly sisters)  and hope one day, one edit in the future, the lines will finally fall into place, and the poem feels complete.
And who is Katie Lewington,  the author?

I am meticulous, a loyal Leo, have a penchant for lists, like pepperoni pizza, and long walks, furry animals and learning.

I have a quirky sense of humour,  and I don’t very much like punctuation,  or vegetables.

Of course, there’s a place for these things, but just not near me!

I have a particular interest in reading the Inspector Morse novels. (I’m also slightly obsessed with the TV series too.)

I’ve been a television connoisseur since I was a kid.  Ask me anything about British TV sitcoms, MTV reality television, and music videos, or the Carry on films, and there’s a fair chance I’ll have an answer.

I do have mental health problems,  and am passionate about telling my story,  to help others. I am also passionate about helping indie authors, and publishers, with getting the best out of their work.  That’s why I run this blog.