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Hello, friends. A happy new year to you all!  

I ended 2017 by reading this book, which has been on my radar and I just hadn’t gotten round to reading it, and I read it all in one sitting.  I am now eager to read the other books in the series. 


The Poetry Hub Fiction Book Picks of 2017 which include @SE_BownsFiction @Imogen_Keeper & @danecobain

Historical Fiction

A Still Small Voice by John Reed.

The Beauty Doctor by Elizabeth Hutchinson Bernard.

Surviving Childhood  by Caroline Webber.

Kith and Kin by Sophie Bowns.


Summer Haikus by S.J. Pajonas.

It had to be you by Melissa Kate.

Defensive Mindset by Wendy Temple.

Sci-Fi / Erotica 

The Bonding by Imogen Keeper.

Also Sci-Fi / no Erotica 

The Cardboard Spaceship by Matt Snee and Gregg Chirlin.

And to further complicate genre matters

Erotica / no Sci-Fi 

Highland Pursuits by Emmanuelle De Maupassant.

Humour/ Fantasy / Romance 

Dating An Alien Pop Star by Kendra Saunders.

Children’s / Young Adult / Coming of age 

The Dynomike series by Frankie B. Rabbit.

Grandma’s Face tells her Story by Elaine McKay.

Jorie and the Magic Stones by A.H.Richardson.

Cheesus was Here by J.C.Davis.

North by Amanda Linehan.

The year of Uh by Jud Widing.

The Existence of Pity by Jeannie Zokan.


In the Labyrinth of Binge Eating by Hilda Dulin Lee.

The Body Image Blueprint by Jenny Eden Berk.

The Straitjacket of Perfectionism by John Connor.

Social Paranoia by Dane Cobain.


Ellipsis Zine One

So … many ignoramuses believe a threesome would be a wonderful tonic to a stale relationship. And these two books give you some idea to the emotional complications, and didn’t fall into using the ménage à trois trope as a means to spice up a story, because that happens. The two books are:

Degrees of Separation series Boxset by Allyson Young & Lydia Michaels.

It could Happen by Mia Kerick.

And Surprise Favourite Mouthwatering by L.P. Maxa.


And those are my picks for 2017! Have you read any of these books, do you plan to?

#bookreview This is not a Spectacle: Extended Edition. Isabelle Kenyon @kenyon_isabelle

I’m not the only person who loves Mondays, am I?! 

Here’s my review of the Extended Edition of This is not a Spectacle. 

  • Publisher: Createspace
  • Release Date: September Second 2017
  • Available on KU


About the Author

Isabelle Kenyon is a Greater Manchester based poet and a graduate in Theatre: Writing, Directing and Performance from the University of York.
She is inspired by the people and events around her – she observes and writes what she sees and what she feels.
She is the author of poetry anthology, This is not a Spectacle and micro chapbook, The Trees Whispered, published by Origami Poetry Press.
Her poems have been published in many poetry anthologies and included in literary festivals, such as the Inkyneedles anthology, the Great British Write Off, the Wirral festival of Music, Speech and Drama, Poetry Rivals, and the Festival of Firsts.
Isabelle has been awarded third place in the Langwith Scott Award for Art and Drama and runner up in the Visit Newark Poetry Competition.
You can read more about Isabelle and see her work at flyonthewallpoetry.co.uk

My Review

Section One, human curiosity are poems on a variety of subjects. Poverty, abuse, social media, popularity, and conversations are examples. 

Suited and bald (by choice or nature)?‘ 

Kenyon is able to emphasise with others, and image their story, using astute observations. 

The next few are Section Two, the homeless, and Section Three, hospital room, which is close in subject to Section Five, the care home, with poignant observations of age, life, and the gulf of time. Section Four, youth, has an intriguing poem Cain 

like a dagger, pushing it through my fleshy stomach,’ 

An excellent metaphor.

Section Six, don’t stare at me are poems of a more personal nature. These lines are from the poem Me too: Spoken Word

 and I think I was wearing animal ears – maybe I looked ‘up for it’,’ 

The ending of the poem is an example of how Kenyon can finish her stunning poems so well. 

Heard it on the Grapevine, and Letter to my younger self were favourites in this section. Section Six allows us to know Kenyon better. 

Overall This is not a Spectacle is a brilliant read, that both gives social commentary on the human condition of our lives, and society, as a whole: the good, the bad, and the ugly. As well we get to know the writer from her own personal experiences. 
I look forward to seeing what Kenyon writes next. 

#bookreview You Should Still be Here. Amanda Dissinger @fragglezrock @GhostCityPress


These are poems of longing in the micro-chapbook published by Ghost City press, with concrete images of a relationship past, interceded by poems in the present, ‘and I hate all the beautiful people,’ with a deprecating style of writing. Poems I thought I Witnessed a Miracle and You are like the Shitty sort of Rain that Doesn’t let up are titles that tell as much of a story as the poems beneath them. The poetry remained with me long after reading

And the good news? You can download this book for free from Ghost City Press. All donations go directly to the writer. Here’s the link. Happy reading!

The Orphan and the Thief. M. L. LeGette @MelissaLeGette

On Tour with Prism Book Tours

12 Days of Fantasy for Christmas Day 5: The Orphan and the Thief by M. L. LeGette

  • The Orphan and the Thief by M. L. LeGette 
  • Genre: Middle Grade Historical, Fantasy 
  • Format:Paperback & ebook, 472 pages 
  • Release Date: January 3rd 2014

From the very beginning it was all Toad’s fault. A blundering, quick-talking thief, he was the one who cut a deal with the dangerous Edward P. Owl: track down the ingredients to the Seeking Solution, or else. Twenty-five thousand gorents, he’d said to her. That was all it took for Melena, a lonely orphan with a knack for potions, to pack her bags and join in on the quest. From the majestic forest of Holly-Harp Wood to the labyrinth caves of Dunthur to the frigid waters of the Blackens, they search for Owl’s ingredients. Toad and Melena must face sea dragons, cave monsters, birds as large as wagons, kidnappers, and thieves – so many thieves. Toad’s in it to save his head – cross Owl and start digging your own grave. Melena’s in it to get paid so she can start a new life, one that includes her missing brother. But you really can’t trust thieves.



A night Toad had been sure could not become any more unsettling had taken a jarring left turn. So he couldn’t get the ingredients as easily as he’d expected. He was able to shrug that off. So what if it took time to get them. Toad felt that snatching up this odd girl had been the first thing to go right all day. Dawn was steadily creeping over the rooftops of the houses as they walked. Toad glanced at her. She was scrawny and her yellow-blonde hair was long and braided, wispy, brittle ends poking out at odd places. She was as plain as a broom with her second-hand clothes. He had been surprised to discover her to be so drab, what with her owning a Spit-Fire (they were common, but still costly) and being such a fluent reader. Then again, Wilson could read so that didn’t say much. “What’s your name?” asked the girl. “Toad.” 

She covered up a laugh with a snort. 

“What?” Toad demanded, stopping and facing her, early morning risers already moving around them on the street. 

“Well — it’s just, you don’t look anything like a toad,” she said, awkwardly. 

Toad shrugged and continued walking. “My dad’s got a sense of humor.”
  About the Author

Melissa Lee LeGette lives in Georgia where she helps run the family farm.


Tour Schedule

November 30th: Launch 

December 1st: Sarra Cannon 

December 2nd: W.R. Gingell 

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– A WHITE SO RED by K.D. Jones 


– THE TWELFTH KEEPER by Belle Malory 

– SERVANT OF THE CROWN by Melissa McShane 

– THE XOE MEYERS TRILOGY by Sara C. Roethle 

– CRAVING BEAUTY be Jennifer Silverwood 


– REAWAKENED by Morgan Wylie 
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