Book Review. Summoning. Jeanne Shannon. 

A collection of poems and hybrid works that hover at the boundary between poetry and prose, and that range from the abstract and experimental to the concrete and accessible. Employing imagery that is vivid and frequently surprising, the author addresses subjects that include the natural world (especially the plant kingdom), art and music, the dreamlike regions of memory, and the mysterious—the “dissolving forms” that tell us the world is stranger than we might suppose. In the title poem and others, she summons recollections of her early life in 1940’s southwestern Virginia, “the heart of Appalachia.”


Spotlight Stop. Pen Scratching Poets. Marilyn B. Wassmann. 

Pen Scratching Poets has been described as a delightful book in which the author shares her family’s collection of creative poems.

The poems compilation and art work are by Marilyn B. Wassmann, with contributions by members of the Benjamin family, and their descendants, with the technical assistance of Paul A. Wassmann.

The book is divided into two sections. The first section, Pen Scratching consists of the poems by Ethel T. Benjamin, and her descendants, and the second section is Marilyn’s poems.

Book Review. Poems from a Family Man. John Marshall. 

Scottish poet and novelist, John Marshall, was born in Glasgow. He wrote his first poem when he was only 9. He is devoted to his family of five daughters. Despite having to manage a long-standing physical disability, he puts aside some time to write nearly every day. A selection of his observations and experiences are poignantly expressed in the poems in this book.