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#bookreview You Should Still be Here. Amanda Dissinger @fragglezrock @GhostCityPress


These are poems of longing in the micro-chapbook published by Ghost City press, with concrete images of a relationship past, interceded by poems in the present, ‘and I hate all the beautiful people,’ with a deprecating style of writing. Poems I thought I Witnessed a Miracle and You are like the Shitty sort of Rain that Doesn’t let up are titles that tell as much of a story as the poems beneath them. The poetry remained with me long after reading

And the good news? You can download this book for free from Ghost City Press. All donations go directly to the writer. Here’s the link. Happy reading!

Two years of Book Blogging! 

While I believe in enjoying what you are doing, living in the moment, and letting the numbers take care of themselves I am very happy to say I have been blogging about books for two years! And have almost four hundred followers too, and counting! Please let me know in the comments what you like about the poetry hub and what you would like to see more of.

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#bookreview Reprise Screams and Lavender. Dior. J. Stephens. @dolphinneptune @ghostcitypress

I reviewed this back in October and I’m still in love with the writing! 

Here’s my original review for those that may have missed it 

In this chapbook I have found some of the finest writing I have ever read. This chapbook contains poems that begin MILLENIALS! MY MILLENIALS! a rallying cry, which flips back the assumptions of those that think we are leeches, and always on our phones. Contrary to these are, again well presented, pieces of prose on a relationship.

Brilliant stuff.

Download for Free from the publisher’s website Ghost City press


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​#bookreview Soft in the Middle. Shelby Lafreniere @briseisbooks 

Sample poems 

There’s a lot of potential here, in the poems that are soft in the middle, with writer Shelby Lafreniere making her intent clear from the start, in lines ‘I’m here

I am 

I am right here in these words,’

In the titles there are meaningful lessons, take BEAUTY SPILLS FROM YOU AND NEVER RUNS OUT.

My favourites were To Bend is not to Break and Hands Dipped in Dreams

This collection has yet to have a cover, so here instead are the Goodreads link and Payhip link, where you can download Soft in the Middle for free.


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#bookreview White Wine and Medical Marijuana. Julia Cirignano @juliajulia1001

  • Title: White Wine and Medical Marijuana

Julia Cirignano 

  • Publisher: Amazon
  • Release Date: August twenty-fourth 2017
  • Average Rating: 4.8/5 🌟
  • Amazon 
  • Available on KU

About the Author

Julia Cirignano is a writer from Boston Ma. She was homeschooled through high school, and graduated Endicott College this past May with a BA in creative writing with a music minor. Julia has several articles published by Limelight Magazine and That Music Magazine, and poetry published in The Endicott Review, The Endicott Observer, Mad Swirl, The New York Literary Magazine, Red Wolf Journal, and The Somerville Times. In her spare time, Julia enjoys reading novels, writing poetry, and riding her horse Leo.

Poetry and prose in a collection that felt to me as if the poems were written during college years, such as in poem All of a Sudden, ‘you’re almost twenty years old

And you went to class this morning

Still drunk,’ and in Debauchery, ‘we are trying to escape

The cold hours spent

Heads bent over books,’

I love that cereal is mentioned in a couple of the poems. There’s not enough cereal in poetry. Spent is a beautiful moment of intimacy, a favorite, as is Mortal, ‘life is just a bunch of moments

It’s a beautiful flow

But then, we get

Sentimental about it,’

So too, worth mentioning, is a Sensual poem About an Unfortunate Affair, which is as perfect as a poem can be, with short sentences on what she likes about a lover she wishes was hers. It’s the poems on the self as well, like in Unsettled, ‘little mistakes

And imperfections

Build under my skin

So I scratch

Until little pieces

Of my body 

Flake away,’

that characterise this book as a strong, and mature, debut. Poems with details and truth you could miss if you were not paying attention. This is a five football collection, a really essential collection on a gamult of subjects: an evolving relationship, or affair, sexuality, feminism, love, and melancholy. I would recommend White Wine and Medical Marijuana for any reader of poetry. It starts and ends strong, with the ending on poems to encourage and inspire, so there’s a real range of emotions you go through reading this. And who doesn’t love having all the feels?

A poem from the book. 


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