I Don’t know What I’m Doing but I’m Doing it Loudly. Kimya Lamb. @GhostCityPress

Published by Ghost City press, the first poem in this micro-chapbook Ohm makes a bloody good observation of the mindset of a mediator, and ‘whirring elevators elevate people but not their minds into the tip top of city sky lines while he just sits,’  Organisms couples with the first poem, one that again asks us about our thinking. The remaining few poems are of relationships: a lover’s gaze, and a lover’s sweater.

This is a too brief! micro-chapbook I want more of from Kimya Lamb. 

And the good news? You can download this book for free from Ghost City Press. All donations go directly to the writer. Here’s the link. Happy reading!


#bookreview You Should Still be Here. Amanda Dissinger @fragglezrock @GhostCityPress


These are poems of longing in the micro-chapbook published by Ghost City press, with concrete images of a relationship past, interceded by poems in the present, ‘and I hate all the beautiful people,’ with a deprecating style of writing. Poems I thought I Witnessed a Miracle and You are like the Shitty sort of Rain that Doesn’t let up are titles that tell as much of a story as the poems beneath them. The poetry remained with me long after reading

And the good news? You can download this book for free from Ghost City Press. All donations go directly to the writer. Here’s the link. Happy reading!

Published by @GhostCityPress //Germz

Beautifully presented poetry, with illustrations, and plays in form, which I love to be inspired by, on thoughts on parties, scrolling, relationships, train rides, and fruits with inedible skins. ‘It seems I only miss you when I’m ovulating -according to this period app,’ 

Written in the intimate style of a journal, this is a gem. 

And the good news? You can download this book for free from Ghost City Press. All donations go directly to the writer. Here’s the link. Happy reading!

#bookreview Have Trust in Being. Lander Eicholzer. @Lander_Ike @GhostCityPress

Have Trust in Being. Lander Eicholzer. @lander_ike

There’s something quite lyrical about the poems in this micro-chapbook published by Ghost City press. There’s freedom in the poetry too, with insights into relationships, ‘curled in bed later hoping to glean something that wasn’t self-satisfying,’

Here’s a poem from the chapbook On the Midnight Menu. I love these lines beginning, ‘I’ll start drama,’ and ‘everything is performance art,’

And the good news? You can download this book for free from Ghost City Press. All donations go directly to the writer. Here’s the link. Happy reading!

Poetry Competitions, Submission Calls, & New Releases.

​My Twitter has been filled with some wonderful new releases recently, and for those of you who don’t follow me there here’s a rundown because holiday season is approaching and books make great gifts!


Christina Hart There is Beauty in the Bleeding

“There will be days when you 

completely fall a p a r t 

and that’s okay. 

There will be days where 

your ribs feel like blades. 

Let them cut you. 

There is beauty in the bleeding. 

There is hope in the healing. 

Christina Hart, bestselling author of Empty Hotel Rooms Meant for Us and Letting Go Is an Acquired Taste, releases her first full-length poetry collection.
Warning: This book contains sensitive content depicting sex, violence, abuse, drugs, and addiction.”

Also available on KU Amazon 

Christina is also the author of these two titles.

The Transgender Manifesto Ian Thomas Malone 

“Do you know who you are?

What lies beneath the surface?

Ever get the feeling that something

Deep down wasn’t quite right?
I did.
Who are you to tell me otherwise?

The birthers, who think your external

Shell defines your whole identity, while

Pointing to the sky to show us the answers.
We’re out and we’re here to stay.

Deal with it.”

Also available on KU Amazon

Ian is an excellent writer, one of my favorites. Her sense of humour is right in tune with my own as well.


I wanna be petty // I will be great published by Ghost City press Written by Jeremy Boyd.

“Every time I look at the title of Jeremy Boyd’s new chapbook, I Wanna Be Petty // I Will Be Great, I see “pretty” instead of “petty.” Maybe it’s because these poems are pretty. But not conventionally so. He writes candidly but carefully, shining quiet wisdom & rhythmic imagery on intimate thoughts & “mundane” subject matter. This poetry takes risks though, & the end of the chapbook feels like a crescendo as the last poem, after a series of brief punchy poems, explodes into long form about the topics Boyd seems most concerned with: fragmented identity, relationship dynamics, political & ethical life in the modern world, & the bewildering question of What is Art.”

— Matthew Sherling, author of bring me my absolute surrender”

Pre-order link 

Hotel Hart Meredith Miller 

“On the 15th of August, Hotel Hart is full. Its ten rooms are taken by ten different couples, each with their own problems, philosophies, and lives. Join the guests of Hotel Hart for one night, but keep your eyes focused on the young man in the green button-up tunic.

This is not a book of romance, not really. It is a book of life.”

This one is released in December. I’ve read some great reviews for it so far! You can add it to your reading list here on Goodreads 


Isabelle Kenyon is looking for poetry on mental health for a book to raise money for Mind. You can find the details on her blog 

Her book is also on sale. 0.99 for the Kindle edition of THIS IS NOT A SPECTACLE


Into the Void poetry competition, begins November 1st and ends December 31st, and is judged by M.Wright. Unpublished poetry only. Details here


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@GhostCityPress chapbook Killer by @ash_mares2 #bookreview

This one will get your blood up. It’s an electrifying, thrilling, ride through too brief! poems that are lust filled, with the prop of a knife being twisted in between the lines, and sweet thing a repeated phrase that feels like the hiss of a snake. 

Download for free https://ghostcitypress.com/2017-summer-microchap-series/killer

All donations go to the author.


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#bookreview @verysoftlake My Phone is About to Die and I Hope it Takes me With it. Joseph Parker Okay 

One of the best writers of what I call ‘modern poetry’ Joseph Parker Okay is the co-founder and editor of the literary journal Spy Kids Review and the publishing house 2fast2house.

Some of the poetry in this book are thoughts, fragments, highlighting a page in large font and other poems have titles that seem to tell as much of a story as the poems. Depression is a key theme. Our narrator feels vulnerable, depressed, all while trying to hold down a job, and maintain relationships with lovers and friends. There are poems of automated voice calls, and online dating, making a point of the intricacies of our modern world. Poem Literally what is the point of living past 24

‘i saw the best bloggers of my generation destroyed by monthly service fees, 

host server sites, and 

cable companies nickel-and-diming,’ Ginsberg.

And poem Your phone is about to die and you hope it takes you with it pt.1

‘You see shitty buildings

you see shitty cops pulling over more shitty drivers

the shitty cops all wear the same shitty coats,’ John Cooper Clarke. Are poems taking inspiration from those that wrote before Joseph Parker Okay.

Personally I relate so much to the writing in this book and it was like lifting a lid on my own thoughts

‘i have no support system, and really that’s the hardest part, i have nobody to talk to about anything,’

‘a 24 year old boy walks into a crowded bar, then leaves sober 10 minutes later because his social anxiety kept him from challenging other customers for the bartenders attention,’

What best to demonstrate the coming and going, while life continues on, of depression than the afterword. 

‘today i realised what I’m really looking for with this last section is closure, a way to show myself that this was my life, that this part has passed and things are going to improve from here.but i think the reason it’s been so hard for me to write this section because i don’t honestly believe that’s true,’

Get your copy of this book from the publisher 



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#NewRelease Linda. M. Crate @thysilverdoe My Wings were Made to Fly. 

Linda is a very prolific writer, with her excellent poetry published in many places on and off the ‘net. I’m excited she has now a book of her poetry available from Flutter Press. She also has written the fantasy series Blood & Magic. My Wings were Made to Fly info can be found on the publisher’s website here


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