​#MiniReview @WeArtFriends Doorway to Art founding editor – @Galya Varna 

​WeArtFriends Doorway to Art founding editor – Galya Varna 

Design Director – Eden Sleepwalker

Cover Photograph – Efosini Kokaliari , PHD

This is a stylish magazine, which in its first issue features the poetry of poets, interviews with novelists, and the artwork of Lynne Fisher. I knew of Isabelle Kenyon, and Nicholas Trandahl, vaguely had been aware of Mike Wells, and Joss Sheldon, and discovered new writers, such as Bianca Bowers, and Frankie Writez in this issue.

This was a real poetic experience for me, and I enjoyed the interviews, as well as the format and presentation. Doorway to Art is perfect for a before bed read. 
Download this magazine for free, and subscribe to stay in the loop with the next issue, from their website.  



I Knocked Him Out. Love at First Crime #2 Jessica Frances.

I Knocked Him Out
Jessica Frances
(Love at First Crime, #2)
Publication date: October 31st 2017
Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense

She knocked him out, so he knocked down her walls…

He has irritated me ever since we were kids.

He is overprotective.


A complete jerk.

So, I knocked him out.

It was an accident.

I felt terrible … mostly.

It changed things between us.

Life for us both got more complicated.

Add in a stalker who has decided to take an interest in me,

And suddenly our worlds are turned upside-down.

Can things really change between us so fast?

Or are we just making a bigger mess than what we started with?

I think that hit to the head might have knocked things loose for both of us.

Because, from the moment I knocked him out, we saw each other differently.

As some people say, there is nothing quite like love at first … crime.

Goodreads / Amazon


“You hit me!” he accuses.

“You sneaked up on me!” I snap back.

This is always the way between Declan and me, ever since we were kids. He never speaks to me normally or casually. He’s always angry, aggravated, or annoyed. The three As.

“I was calling your name; you just weren’t paying attention.” He says this like I’m the only person in the world to ever be lost in my thoughts.

“Well then, good call on coming up close to me while I was punching the shit out of this stupid bag,” I retort, already sensing any warm feelings that had started to work their way up from a guilty conscience disappearing.

“God, you’re annoying.” He shakes his head now, wiping his wet face with his T-shirt. My eyes betray me by peeking at Declan’s toned abs.

Stupid, smoking hot jerk.

“Ditto. Now, is there a reason you’re annoying me right now? Or are you just trying to fill your quota for the day and we’re a little behind?” I ask, shaking my head to get myself back in the game. Getting distracted while Declan is in one of these moods just means more insults with me looking like a fish out of water in response.

“I just wanted to tell you that you’re going to be late if you don’t leave soon.”

“Is that all?” I roll my eyes at him, something I’m aware annoys him to extremes. “I do know how to read a clock, you know.”

He narrows his eyes on me. Their blue color might be an exact match for a sunny, blue sky, yet I only ever see storm clouds directed at me.

Author Bio:

Jessica lives in Adelaide, South Australia. When she is not writing, you can find her reading, napping or watching excessive amounts of TV. Connect with her on Facebook and Goodreads.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook






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@danecobain is in The SUNDAY SPOTLIGHT. He tells us all about life as a MUSICIAN & FREELANCE WRITER. 

Something about your writing:

I started writing when I was a teenager, beginning with songs and poetry and moving into journals, fiction and non-fiction. I write because I’m compelled to – I feel uncomfortable when I’m not writing and try to do it as much as possible. In terms of influences, I generally try to write books that I’d want to read myself, so I suppose I’m influenced by my favourite writers (like Graham Greene, Charles Bukowski, Terry Pratchett, etc.). I’ve just released an anthology called Subject Verb Object, which brings together contributions from eighteen different authors – you can find that at http://www.danecobain.com/svo. My next release will be a detective novel called Driven, which is currently going through edits. It’s a sort of 21st century take on the old school cosy detective novel.

Something about you:

I love reading, writing, making music and learning stuff. I play guitar and sing and find it to be a great way to unwind after a long day of writing. I live in High Wycombe, UK, with my girlfriend Becca and my cat, Biggie. He’s on Instagram and Facebook, you should follow him. I recently quit my day job to start up as a full-time freelance writer, mostly writing blog posts, ebooks and other stuff for marketers. 

I currently have six books on the market:


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I Stole his Car. An Adult Romance Written by Jessica Frances. You can WIN a $25 Amazon GC 🍀 with this Book Blitz. 

I Stole His Car
Jessica Frances
(Love at First Crime, #1)
Publication date: September 19th 2017
Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense

She stole his car, so he stole her heart…

I saw something I never should have seen.

I took something they wanted back.

I was desperate.



So, I did something I never would have normally done.

I stole a car.

Not just any car.

His car.

Now I have no choice but to trust him.

Only he can help me get out of this mess.

Then, when we both become hunted,

And when feelings begin to complicate things,

Can I still count on his protection?

Can I trust what is happening between us to be real?

Because, as some people say: there is nothing quite like love at first … crime.

Goodreads / Amazon


Then Zander’s gaze turns back to me, and I don’t feel so warm and fuzzy toward him anymore. Instead, I feel as though I’m facing a judge and ready to hear the verdict on just how many years I’m about to be thrown in jail.

“You stole my car,” he growls.

“Yes.” No point denying it.

“You kidnapped my twelve-year-old brother.”

“Technically, yes. However, I wasn’t aware he was in the car at the time,” I pathetically try to defend my actions.

“You came back, though, even after I told you I was calling the police.” His stance is stern, but I see the same expression of curiosity that I saw earlier in Van.

“Yes.” I glance around again, waiting to see the flashing lights of a police car approaching in the distance. Instead, I see a lone officer in uniform approaching us.

I don’t recognize him as one of Brian’s friends, but that doesn’t mean he won’t hand me over to him.

I barely even got to enjoy my freedom away from Brian. Well, it technically wasn’t freedom since I was chased the entire time.

Why can’t I just catch a break?

I can’t stop myself from stepping away from the young officer, my body back to being tense and shaky. I hate that this feels normal to me now. It never used to be. Now it feels strange to feel relaxed.

“What’s wrong?” Van asks me, his concern sweet.

“Excuse me, but did I just hear you accuse this woman of stealing your car?” the officer asks, swinging his hand to rest on his side arm in what looks like a reflex.

Silence falls over us. Van looks as panicked as I feel. I can’t read Zander’s face, but he hasn’t confirmed the man’s words. That gives me a small amount of hope. Maybe he is the most forgiving man in the world.

Author Bio:

Jessica lives in Adelaide, South Australia. When she is not writing, you can find her reading, napping or watching excessive amounts of TV. Connect with her on Facebook and Goodreads.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook






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Tell me a little about your writing?

I would say that the style of my writing is pretty traditional, meaning that it tends more toward Edith Wharton (The House of Mirth, The Age of Innocence) than, let’s say, Paula Hawkins (Girl on the Train). One of the contemporary writers whom I admire most is Sarah Waters. As you might guess, I’m a Downton Abbey fan. What I prefer to read and the dramas I enjoy are, for the most part, historical fiction—so that’s what I write. But I’m also into suspense and mystery, which is a big part of what people seem to like about my novel, The Beauty Doctor.    

When did you start writing?

I wrote my first mystery book, or at least 50 typewritten pages of it, growing up in Illinois, during the summer between the fifth and sixth grades. Though I hadn’t yet finished my story, when classes started again I showed it to the school librarian who assured me absolutely I could get it published. That was the first and last time anyone has been so unequivocally encouraging! Anyway, by the time I reached my early 20s I had become sidetracked by my interest in music. I toured for nearly a decade as a singer and flutist.  I did a lot of songwriting. After that, I got involved in public relations and marketing for the international music trade and settled in California. Fast forward, a few years later I’m in New York City as Communications Director for a professional society of about 2000 plastic surgeons. Quite a switch! I was also the Executive Editor of their peer-reviewed journal on cosmetic surgery. All this time, my fiction writing was on the back burner. Then about six years ago, I decided it was time to turn up the heat. Writing is essentially all I do now.  

Why do you write?

I still believe that music is the highest form of communication that we have as human beings.  But I also love words, and I always knew I would come back to them sooner or later. I remember distinctly one of my professors in college telling me, “You were born to write.” That was really special to me, but maybe I didn’t quite believe it at the time.  I knew that I was good with words, but I hadn’t yet figured out what I really wanted to say. Now I know—more or less.  Of course, it’s different with each book

What themes are in your writing?

The Beauty Doctor is my way of examining the social and moral implications of beauty in the course of telling an intriguing story that I hope will engage readers. I like to write about the struggles of women determined to pursue their dreams, even when society tells them they can’t. Part of that comes from my interest in history, especially the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. And part comes from my own life. I did a lot of things in my youth that were unusual for a woman—like fronting a rock band. My next historical novel, by the way, is about music. It’s called Temptation Rag

Where do you write?

I have an office in my house done in dark wood with a big stone fireplace—very soothing. It’s a space that I share with my husband. If we didn’t work at our computers in the same room, I’m afraid we wouldn’t see much of each other. I have a computer monitor on my desk and a second one built into a bookcase with a shelf that slides out to create a very cool standing computer. Since both monitors are attached to the same computer, I can switch back and forth from sitting to standing very easily.  I try to stand as much as possible, though, because it’s healthier. I tend to get very focused on my writing, such that I can go for hours without stopping.

What is next for your writing?

My historical novel Temptation Rag should be available for preorder within the next couple of months, with a release date in June 2018. The story opens in 1896, when ragtime music began to sweep over New York City in what soon became a frenzied wave. A fortunate few rode on its crest for a couple of decades before it came crashing down. My story follows the interwoven lives of three famous ragtime musicians—their lust for fame, their loves and betrayals, and their ultimate longing for redemption. An interesting side note is that one of the main characters, Mike Bernard (known as the Ragtime King of the World), is my husband’s grandfather.

Something about you?

Hmmm.  I’m selfish enough to want to be an artist. I’m married to a very sweet and fantastically funny guy. I love dogs. And, nearly all the time, I feel like about the luckiest person in the world. I have no complaints.

Please tell us about your current release.

The Beauty Doctor is the story of Abigail Platford, a young woman of the Edwardian era, whose fascination with the world of medicine leads her down an unexpectedly dark path. Abigail’s father was a physician, and it had always been her dream to follow in his footsteps—to become a doctor and devote her life to serving New York City‘s poorest. But his sudden death, for which she feels responsible, changes everything. Penniless and adrift, she happens to meet the flamboyant Dr. Franklin Rome and is persuaded to accept a position as his office assistant, never imagining the bizarre world she is about to enter and the web of treachery in which she soon will become entangled. 
The following excerpt, from Chapter 2, takes place during Abigail’s second meeting with Dr. Rome, at which she learns that he is, in fact, a beauty doctor and that he wants her to help him promote his practice. 


“Oh—you’re a beauty doctor.” The inflection in her voice no doubt came across as somewhat disparaging. She dipped her head in an effort to obscure the visual evidence of her skepticism beneath the plethora of ostrich feathers emanating from the brim of her blue velvet hat.  

“Just imagine it for a moment, Miss Platford,” he said, seeming not to have noticed anything disturbing in her reaction. “Your mere presence by my side would stimulate in any average woman an intense longing for beauty; then, arising quite naturally from that, an urgent curiosity.  With just a hint, she would be eager to learn what I offer in the way of beautifying procedures. That’s how one goes about building a thriving beauty practice. Stimulate the need, offer the solution. Or, if you prefer, think of it this way—you would be helping to enlighten women about advances that can greatly enhance their lives. It’s no different than selling a product—a product that people would certainly buy if they only knew its benefits.”

So he wanted her to help him sell the concept of beauty surgery to other women? That was not what a doctor does! To participate in such activities would be a compromise of everything she believed in. “So your idea is to use me as a sort of walking advertisement?”  

“I wouldn’t put it exactly like that.”  

“Forgive me for being blunt, but are you really a doctor?”   

He gave her a scorchingly indignant look, shoving aside his coffee cup, nearly knocking it over in the process. “Would I call myself a doctor if I wasn’t one?”   

“I don’t mean to offend you,” she said, again regretting her lack of decorum. “It’s just that I don’t know of any other doctors who are engaged in your kind of work.”

“That’s because no medical school in this country has yet had the foresight to embrace transformative surgery. That’s why it was necessary for me to receive advanced training in Europe. As a matter of fact, I returned from Paris only recently.”

“But you did train in medicine? Here in America?”

“Certainly, though that doesn’t make me any more enamored of our system. The medical establishment is very set in its ways, I’m afraid. It resists anything that might challenge the status quo. And that is exactly what transformative surgery does. The social implications are immense.  It represents, in fact, possibly the greatest force for the empowerment of women in all of human history.”

“Empowerment of women!” Despite her disappointment, she had to smile. “I’m sorry, but I don’t see what your transformative surgery could possibly have to do with the movement for women’s rights.”   

“Maybe you’ve never thought of it this way but, simply put, beauty is power,” said Dr. Rome, with the calm certainty of a man who knows he speaks the truth. “And with enough power, Miss Platford, one can achieve anything.”

She remembered what her father had always told her: As a woman, her looks meant she would need to work doubly hard to convince others that she had a brain. “I’m afraid I can’t agree.  Besides, I wouldn’t feel comfortable encouraging vanity. It’s not a trait that I find admirable.”  

“Rubbish!” He leaned back in his chair with an exasperated sigh, as if weary of confronting attitudes like hers. But when he spoke, his tone and manner were conciliatory. “That’s fine for a Sunday school lesson, but in the real world, appearances are everything. Beauty is a woman’s greatest asset and the most reliable predictor of her future happiness. What you naturally possess, my dear, many others covet and believe impossible to attain. But what do you think they would give if they could achieve it? Not entirely, of course. But maybe half your beauty? A third?  Maybe just enough to feel there was, after all, hope?”

“So your patients will be paying you for hope. If that’s all they stand to gain, I doubt they’d feel it money well spent.”  

“Hope is only the beginning. Ultimately, what I offer is happiness. They say money can’t buy it, but I’m here to prove them wrong.” 

The Beauty Doctor is available on AmazonBarnes & NobleiBooks, and Kobo.  For more about Elizabeth Hutchison Bernard, including her historical fiction-lovers’ blog, “Style and Substance,” visit EHBernard.com or follow her on Facebook and Twitter.


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Book Blitz. Wheeler. Sara Butler Zalesky. 

Sara Butler Zalesky
Publication date: July 4th 2016
Genres: Adult, Romance, Sports, Suspense

Fate whispers to the warrior, ‘You cannot withstand the storm.’

The warrior whispers back, ‘I am the storm.’

Loren Mackenzie has spent much of her life honing her body to meet the physical challenges of being a professional cyclist in the women’s European peloton. She has also refined the control of her mind, using the power of her emotions in competition to become one of the elite cyclists in the world. After an accident at the Philadelphia International Cycling Classic, Loren must rise to the challenge of leading her team as the Women’s World Tour races across Europe, culminating with the opportunity to compete at the World Championships in Richmond, Virgina.

When a chance meeting develops into a whirlwind romance, what appears to be the perfect relationship threatens to unravel Loren’s tightly wound life. The microscope of tabloid media attention dredges up fears that her past will be unearthed; tragic secrets she has kept buried, even from those closest to her.

Can Loren face the trauma of her past and vanquish the demons within, or will betrayal and obsession ultimately defeat her?

Goodreads / Amazon


Loren rose from her chair and began to gather up the cups and plates they had used as Graham watched her through half-closed eyes. She leaned into the table with a grin.

“Are ya gettin’ sleepy?”

He put his hands on her hips to pull her close. “No, are you?”

She licked her lips. “I have to admit, I was enjoying what we were doing before we were interrupted.” Loren raised a brow at him. Graham’s mouth twitched, and he took out his mobile to shuffle through his music. As the first notes of the song began, he stood and extended his hand to her.

“Dance with me?” He drew Loren to him, his eyes never leaving hers as they moved in rhythm with the music. “Hereafter, in a better world than this,” he murmured, “I shall desire more love and knowledge of you.”

Their breath mixed as his lips hovered over hers. He kissed her gently at first, then with increased fervor as his hands glided over the curves of her body. Her positive response urged him into further exploration. It was several minutes before he realized he had laid her back on the table with one of her legs curled over his hip. Graham reluctantly ended their kiss.

“I’m sorry. I-I got a little carried away there,” he said, his breathing unsteady.

Loren kissed him. “We both got a little carried away.”

He helped her return to her feet but couldn’t bring himself to let go. He brushed the back of his fingers against her cheek and kissed her again. Her touch, her smell, the way she felt in his arms; he’d never been so completely at ease with anyone. He pressed his forehead lightly into hers.

“Who are you?”

She backed out of his embrace and offered him her hand. “Loren Mackenzie, pro cyclist. Nice to meet you.”

Graham laughed and shook her hand. “I am so glad I turned around!”

Her chuckle dissolved as she tucked her lower lip in her teeth. “I’d better get you back to your car before we do something we might regret.”

He took a deep breath and licked his lips. “You’re right.” He squinted at her. “How would you, you said you don’t have a car?”

“I have a motorcycle.”

“Oh, I don’t think so, darling.” He released her from his arms.

“Come on.” Loren motioned for him to follow and headed to a shed hidden behind the willow tree. When she opened the doors, the glossy black BMW F800R sport bike glowed in the overhead florescent light.

He scoffed as he placed his hand on the headlamp. “The two of us won’t fit on that.”

“Not that one. This one.” She took the canvas off the matte black Harley-Davidson Night Rod motorcycle. “Anthony’s Harley is bigger than mine.”

Graham’s mouth dropped open. “Wow. That’s…that’s a Harley?” He frowned. “But still…”

She tossed a helmet at him. “Come on. Help me get it out of the stand.” She grabbed the handlebars, and they both gave the bike a push to roll it out of the shed and Loren set the kickstand. “Anthony keeps it in good shape, but it still needs to be ridden every so often,” she said, putting on her helmet. “He converted his garage into a gym, that’s why it’s here.”

“Ah,” he said, holding open the larger gate next to the shed for her as she pushed the Harley down the gravel path to the street. Graham followed her only to stop short at the sight of her on the machine.

“Come on. I’m a professional,” she chuckled and patted the seat behind her. He was grumbling as he donned the helmet, then mounted the seat behind her. His knees were under her arms with his feet on the pegs, and she giggled as she leaned back against him like an easy chair.

“Yes, yes, it’s hilarious,” he muttered, making her laugh harder.

Loren pushed the ignition and the engine rumbled to life beneath them. After knocking the stand with her heel, she eased out the clutch while rolling the throttle to move off down the street. Graham had been holding her waist loosely at first, but as the Harley took off, the burst of speed had him tighten his arms. He could feel her laughing in his embrace.

Loren came to a brief stop at London Road then took a left turn to rumble down the street. Another left turn and they were soon at the car park where she came to a stop next to his car and set the stand again. She was grinning as she took off her helmet as Graham awkwardly dismounted.

“Fun, huh?”

“I reckon I would have preferred to walk,” he complained as he handed her the helmet where she hooked it to the buckle behind her then swung her leg over the bike. She was smiling as she approached.

“Oh, that’s a pity,” she said, sliding her hands around his waist. “I rather liked having your arms around me.”

“You have but to ask, my Lady.” He gathered her in his arms to nuzzle her neck. “I must admit, I would have been quite put out if I had to wait another week to see you.”

“Me, too.”

“Good night, good night. Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say good night ‘til it be morrow.” His voice was a low rumble as he leaned in to kiss her, but stopped. “Well, not actually tomorrow, as you’ll be off to Colchester.”

“Oh, do shut up and kiss me,” Loren laughed.

“Gladly,” Graham murmured and staked his claim to her lips.

Author Bio:

Sara was born in the wee hours of a November night in New York City. When her family moved to a small borough in northwestern New Jersey, she had little choice but to move as well. Self-sufficiency is a tough thing for a toddler.

The dichotomy of being the middle child of three, but the only girl, was difficult, as typically no one really pays attention to a middle child. Mostly, Sara spent her time creating fanciful stories in her head when she should have been focused on other things, an issue that continues to this day.

Most of these stories have never been shared, let alone completed. This all changed in the spring of 2015, when Sara was encouraged by a friend to expand upon a short story she had accidentally emailed to him. The result is ‘Wheeler’, a romantic, women’s fiction/sport novel, which combines the author’s romantic inclinations and her passion for cycling.

Sara currently resides in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA, with her loving husband and their son. She is a paralegal for a boutique law firm in Chester County, Pa, an avid road cyclist and indoor cycling instructor at a national chain.

Follow the author’s blog at sarabutlerzalesky.wordpress.com or on Twitter @sarazalesky. She does a little dance every time someone ‘follows’ her on Twitter. Really.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter






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Cover Reveal. Jona’s Redemption. Cynthia P. O’Neill. 


We are very excited to share with you all the cover of
JONAS’S REDEMPTION by Cynthia P. O’Neill!!

Designer: RP Designs

Photographer: Eric Battershell Photography

Cover Model: BT Urruela



JR Front Cover.jpg

Titan Security #2
by Cynthia P. O’Neill
Erotic Suspense Romance

Jonas Forgione:

I’d been fighting a battle with PTSD, trying to fit into society and leaving the military behind– needing time to redeem myself – to get out of my head, not being on an isolated island with my co-workers’ daughter, protecting her from the Bratva.

Erica was a plain Jane – too into her studies, not the sinful vixen she’d become. How had I not noticed? How was I supposed to keep my thoughts pure when she provided the spark that had long been dormant inside me? I wanted to tie her up and then tie her to me!

Erica Jamieson:

I’d just graduated with a master’s in psychology, had a job waiting, and was on a final hurrah with my besties. How did it go so wrong? I’d been in hiding before, so I knew the drill. I never expected to do it again with the one man who made want to either kill him or climb him.

Jonas’s broodiness and sinful body played on my mind since the first moment we met. I knew he hated me; the feeling was mutual with his arrogance. But to survive this ordeal, I’d have to surrender in more ways than one, letting go of my fears and discovering the strength inside me.

***NOTE*** This book is intended for mature audiences, age 18+, due to strong language and sexual content. This is a standalone book within a series. You do not have to read anything else to read this book. The book is a HEA, no cliffhangers, dual POV with a strong stubborn alpha dominant male and a feisty strong-willed female who loves to push all his buttons. There is a touch of light BDSM with intense panty melting scenes and edge of your seat, heart-pounding suspense. For those who enjoyed I Need You Here, Need Series #3, you’ll see Dawn’s parents resurface in this book, as well as the two bodyguards, Derrick and Rick, who were present throughout the Need Series and in Derrick’s Choice, Titan Security #1.



JR Full Cover.jpg

Cynthia P. O’Neill grew up in small town in South Florida and moved to Central Florida to attend college. There, she married her friend, love, and soul mate and still resides with their amazing son, and a feisty, four-legged little boy.

In her books, Cynthia draws on her background in healthcare and business, along with her husband’s engineering knowledge.

She currently writes on all levels of Romance. The Remembrance Series encompasses New Adult with a touch of Paranormal activity and a hint of Historical romance. A Learning Series is for those who like a little more steam with their books, falling into the categories of Contemporary – Erotica, with a hint of suspense.

Her latest series, Need, will have several books, each focusing on one couple per book. The main couple will then become supporting characters, while some of the background characters step forward to find their own happily ever after. It will be will be a Contemporary – Erotic romance with a high level of suspense added.

She tries to make her writing very personal and close to her heart. Regular life is the inspiration for her books, but her imagination takes them to new heights, opening up possibilities that would normally not exist.

To learn more about the author, please visit Cynthia’s website at: www.cynthiaponeill.com

Facebook | Twitter | BookBub



M. Jonathan Lee. Broken Branches Release Day 🎉 

About the Author 

M. Jonathan Lee is an award winning English author. His debut novel, “The Radio” was nationally shortlisted in The Novel Prize 2012. His second novel, “The Page” went on to become the Amazon #5 most downloaded thriller. His third novel, the critically acclaimed “A Tiny Feeling of Fear” was released in September 2015. “Broken Branches”, his fourth novel, will be released by Hideaway Fall in Spring 2017.

Website: jonathanleeauthor.com

 Twitter: @MJonathanLee


You can read my review of Broken Branches on this very blog Reader’s Handbook as well as on Dual Reads / Always Trust in Books / Jena Brown Writes / Whisperingstories.com

PURCHASE Broken Branches

Hideaway Fall / Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com

The House on Devil’s Bar. Jessie McAlan.         A Book Review & Giveaway. 

GENRE:   US Amateur Sleuth


When she got several yards from the Bar, she turned off the light. She stood in the woods, listening and watching for an indication she’d been seen. But the wind and water sounds were not underscored by a shout, so she scooted down the remainder of the path. The sandbar stretched out in a tan smear against the darker river and hill, and she slipped her feet onto the sand.
She stood up, dusting off the seat of her jeans, and eased her way over to the old cottage. She kept close to the embankment, wanting the obscurity of the black hill to mask her presence. She didn’t fancy Frank knowing she was spying.
The night was practically silent. No barges or private boats plied the river; the water touched the shore in leisurely, rhythmical waves, as though it breathed in sleep. Its soft sighs were the only sounds she heard.
Until the murmur of voices and the thud of metal hitting against wood reached her.

Amazon.co.uk Amazon.com 


A family trip to the Big Spring area in the Missouri Ozarks introduced Jessie to the wonders of nature.  Her summer stints as a camp counselor and canoeing instructor cemented her enthusiasm.  This love of the natural world and the river flows through her Linn House mysteries.

In 2001 Jessie graduated from Webster University with a BA degree and departmental honors in English.
She lives in the St Louis, MO area and spends as much time as she can camping and watching the barges on the river.

Website  Facebook  Goodreads 

Devils Bar begun well, with a woman who had vanished, and with her car still in its spot in the carpark. The setting of the lodge belonging to Rona, an events planner, was painted before my eyes. These chapters did put me in the mind of an old Agatha Christie mystery, and I settled down further into my seat to read more. 
We are then introduced to Rona’s ex husband, who helps her out with a flat tyre. You may think this isn’t strange, but he has no business being on that road, in her part of the country, as she hadn’t heard from him since their divorce. Their relationship is one of the best things about this book. They are obviously comfortable together. We then hear from him again, and at this point Devil’s Bar has become a bizarre, paranoid, Hitchcock type thriller. I felt the story now had started to get to the whodunit part faster than the pace the author had set. 

Rona sets out to solve the mysterious goings on around her property before it affects her business, and ignores police advice to leave them to it. Isn’t this how any adventure usually starts?

I admire any person who can write a solid mystery, which Devil’s Bar proves to be. On even ground Devil’s Bar has an intriguing premise, a great setting, character, and red herrings. It doesn’t have gratuitous violence,  or foul language. 

While ultimately I felt underwhelmed by the book, there is plenty of good qualities to recommend this book to any person who likes that genre. 


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Book Review. Closer than Yesterday.  S. W. Frontz. 

Closer Than Yesterday

Land’s End Series

Book Three

S.W. Frontz

Genre:  mystery, romantic suspense

Date of Publication: April 21, 2017

ISBN: 978-1544728582


Number of pages: 206

Word Count: 62,212

Cover Artist:  S.W. Frontz

Book Description:

Samantha Patrick’s cousin Sarah has lived with an abusive husband for thirty years. After a brutal attack, she finally finds the courage to leave. Sarah goes to Land’s End looking for safety and comfort with her family on this small, idyllic island but the horror is not over yet. Someone is stalking Sarah. Is it the abusive husband or someone else? Will Land’s End be the place where Sarah finds new life, or it will be where it ends?

Amazon     BN



Johnson City, TN April 25, 2016

Leslie Jennings
carefully folded the last of her husband’s shirts and zipped up the
suitcase.  She picked it up, struggling as she did.  Leslie was only 5’2, and
very slim.  The suitcase was almost as big as she.  Leslie managed to get it to the floor, where she raised the handle and rolled it to the top of the stairs.  Now she had to get it downstairs without making too much noise.  Carter would accuse her of trying to destroy his Louis Vuitton luggage.   After ten minutes of pulling the luggage down one stair at a time, Leslie finally rolled it to the front door.  She ran quickly back upstairs and grabbed his garment bag.  She had already packed this and she hurried back downstairs.  

She was waiting by the luggage when Carter came downstairs, his briefcase hanging from his shoulder.  He was dressed in a sharp gray
suit, white dress shirt, and patterned gray tie.  Leslie studied him while he glanced through his phone.  Carter was of average height, with graying brown hair and eyes. He had sharp features and rarely smiled. 
His only pleasure was making a sale. He owned a real estate company and it was very successful.  They had been married for thirty years and
they had no children.

Carter didn’t like kids, so they didn’t have any. He glanced up from his phone and gave Leslie the once-over.  She was wearing
her scrubs, ready to go to work at the hospital after she dropped Carter off at the airport.  She worked the seven p.m. to seven a.m. shift when he was gone on business trips.  He thought if she worked at night, she
wouldn’t be out doing anything else. She didn’t know why it mattered if she was seeing anyone or not. 

He was not the affectionate type and most of the time he acted like he hated Leslie. It wasn’t an issue anyway, Leslie didn’t go anywhere outside of work and her grandmother’s house. The only people she talked to were her co-workers and her grandmother Jody.  Carter didn’t allow
her to socialize with anyone other than someone he approved, and he didn’t approve of anyone. “Looks like you’re ready to go.  Is this all my stuff?” 

Carter waved his hand over the luggage. Leslie nodded. 
“Yes, that’s it.  I packed everything you had on the list.” Carter picked up his garment bag and gestured for Leslie to get his suitcase.  She
picked it up and carried it to the car waiting right outside the door in their
driveway that curved around the front of the house.  She couldn’t roll it; Carter would get upset.  She managed to get it in the trunk of his Mercedes. He got in the driver’s side and Leslie in the passenger side. 
Silently they drove out of the subdivision.

Carter finally spoke when they had gotten to the highway. “Tell me your schedule,” he commanded. “After I drop you off, I’m going home to get my car.  I’ll put yours in the garage.  Then, I’m going to Jody’s to fix her supper, then I’m off to work.  I work the night
shift.  I get off at seven a.m.  I’ll go back to Jody’s and fix her breakfast,
then home for a few hours of sleep.  Then I’ll get up and complete the to-do list that you made.”

Carter nodded in satisfaction.  “Very good.  I approve.” Leslie stared out the window.  How she would love to hit him right in his arrogant face. 

Well, that was all going to change tonight.  When she
finally made it to work tonight, she was going to leave her cell there.  Carter had a tracking app on it.  She had already spoken to her supervisor and he had promised that he would help Leslie in any way that he could.  

Leslie was going to get on a Greyhound bus tonight and start her journey away from Carter.  She had been saving money for months, a
little at a time and squirreling it away at Jody’s.  She would go get the money and see Jody one more time. After that, she was going to leave her car at the bus terminal and take the bus to Memphis, rest, get on another bus to New Orleans, and slowly make her way around the southeast coast to a little island town in North
Carolina called Land’s End.

Leslie had heard Jody talk about the little town for years. 
Leslie’s first cousin, Samantha, lived there with her husband, Andy, who
was also the sheriff of the town.  Samantha had never contacted Jody, but through the internet, Leslie had been able to track them down for Jody. Even though she knew where they were, Jody wouldn’t
contact her.  She was waiting for Samantha to come to her. She knew what Samantha had been through, and Jody didn’t want to bring back sad memories to Samantha until she was ready.  Leslie thought it was a good a place as any to start over.  Maybe she and Samantha could become friends. Carter didn’t know about Samantha.  Jody had quite a bit of money and owned a large historical home.

Carter thought that Leslie was going to inherit all of it. 
He didn’t mind if Leslie took care of Jody, in fact, he insisted that
she go there before and after work.  If he knew that there was someone else to split the inheritance with, he would be very angry with Leslie, even though it wasn’t her fault. Leslie was tired of being the recipient of his anger.  When they first married, she wasn’t aware of his violent temper or that he was a control freak.  She thought that the reason he watched her every move and told her what to wear, who to be friends
with, etc., was because he cared about her. 

Her parents had died when Leslie was ten. Her grandmother had taken her in and raised her. Leslie loved Jody, but she had missed her
parents, especially her father terribly. That was one of the things that had
attracted her to Carter.  He was several years older than she was.  He owned his own business, home and he was very settled and mature for a man in his early thirties.  

The first time she did something he didn’t approve of they had been married for a year. He had backhanded her and bruised her cheek so badly that she had to wear pancake makeup for over a week.  It took her
while to figure out what set him off, but over the years she had managed to get into his routine and kept herself from getting hurt.

They were getting close to the airport and Carter started droning out instructions to her.  She could recite what he was
telling her in her sleep; but she answered him in the way he liked for her to respond. No sense in getting him upset. It was so close for time for her to leave; she could deal with him for a few more minutes. He pulled up in front of the doors in the unloading zone.  Leslie got out and waited for him to open the trunk.  She handed him his garment bag, then pulled his suitcase out.  He took the handle from her. “I’ve got it from here. Get my car home and put away.  I will see you in a week.” 

Without any further words, he went inside the terminal and Leslie got in to drive his car home. He had always told her that he would kill her if she left.  When she had celebrated her 55th birthday in January, Leslie had known that this year was the year she had to leave.  Living like this was killing her, and she deserved a chance for happiness sometime in her life.

About the Author:

S.W. Frontz is the author of the Land’s End Series, which includes: When the Morning Comes, Don’t Look Back, and Closer Than Yesterday.  S.W. is a native of Charlotte, NC but was raised in East Tennessee, where she still resides with her husband, Rusty, of 21 years, and their furbaby, Mandy.

S.W. has been an avid reader since a child.  Her favorite genres are mystery, suspense, and Southern humor.  Favorite authors include John Sanford, Erica Spindler, Karen Robards, Lee Childs, James Lee Burke, and Fannie Flagg.   

S.W plans on continuing the Land’s End Series, at least for a few more books.  Book four is in the first draft stage.

S.W. is a nominee for the 2017 Top Female Author and a member of the Southeastern Writer’s Association.









Sarah has run away from her abusive husband. He’s looking for her. 

She has now settled on a small island, with family. Everyone is friendly, and she has men queuing to date her. 

One of the men, Eddie, is a serial killer, and she might be his next victim. 

Eddie takes his coupled victims, and is now dotting them around the island, mixing and matching them. This leaves the police, understandably, in investigating, and locating the pattern of the killings. 

The characters don’t have much depth to them. There are baddies, and goodies, so we never really find out what motivates them. 

The story didn’t come together for me and it isn’t fast paced.

But it is a good run around.

I will be looking up other books in the series.